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Healthcare Policies and Procedures

A nursing consultation contract with HCS includes an onsite copy of healthcare policies and procedures, detailing medication administration and health care needs.  Designed specifically for a variety of community settings, the HCS Medication Administration and Healthcare Policies and Procedures Manuals are practical and user-friendly. Clearly written, these procedures and guidelines reflect the highest standards of care, helping staff to maintain safe and effective healthcare practices.  

HCS will review and revise the manual's policies and procedures throughout the length of the contract, so that the specific licensing requirements are always met.  Each organization will have an up-to-date, on-site, resource of relevant and reliable medication administration and health care policies and procedures.


We understand the varied needs for health records in community settings.  Our health care forms are easy to use, clear and concise.  Used in conjunction with the HCS policies and procedures, the forms offer caregivers a documentation system that provides the opportunity to create an accurate and complete health care record.

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