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Bipolar Disorder is characterized by the sudden and forceful shifting of a person’s emotional state between very high highs, and very low lows.  A mood disorder, it can be a roller coaster of emotion, often leaving those diagnosed with Bipolar battling to hang on to their jobs, relationships, and life goals.

When the roller coaster is dipping low, people often experience incapacitating depression, and may struggle with motivation, thought processes, and even the desire to live.  When the roller coaster begins to climb, those affected often experience mania, racing thoughts, extreme changes in their emotional state, and may engage in risky behaviors that have severe negative consequences.  In some cases, people will lose touch with reality, and their psychotic thinking will place them in even greater danger.

Bipolar Disorder affects approximately 5.7 million individuals in the United States.  This disruptive disorder affects both men and women equally, as well as all races and socioeconomic levels.  Even though it affects people in profound and often devastating ways, Bipolar Disorder can be treated and managed effectively.

Community-based nurses, social workers, chemical dependency counselors, program directors, site managers, and direct care staff will more effectively function with the knowledge and understanding of the pervasive nature of mood disorders.

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About the instructor

Karen Finck, APRN, CNS, is an expert in psychiatric nursing. An engaging speaker, Ms. Finck lectures throughout Minnesota on mental health topics. She adeptly uses humor and presents real-life anecdotes from her experiences in the field. She provides not only an understandable theoretical framework, but offers practical approaches as well.

Continuing Education

This course is designed to provide 5.25 clock hours.

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