Health Counseling Services

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Health Counseling Services offers Medication Administration classes at our on-site training facility.

Medication Administration in Community Settings more information

This is a seven-hour training course designed to teach unlicensed staff how to administer medications safely and accurately. It is always taught by a Registered Nurse along with a teaching assistant to help students that may need extra attention. Our course is designed to give each student the information and attention that they need to confidently administer medications and accurately document their administration.

Observed Skills Assessment more information

Students that take Medication Administration in Community Settings have the option to sign up for an observed skills assessment as part of the class upon registration. This is a one-on-one session with a registered nurse, in which the student demonstrations the skills necessary to administer and document passing medications both safely and accurately.

Review and Retest more information

This 3.5 hour course is designed for students that do not pass the Medication Administration in Community Settings course. The class sizes are substantially smaller, allowing the registered nurse instructor more time with each individual student. There is ample time for questions, as well as a review of the questions that the student did not answer correctly.