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Health Counseling Services (HCS) has been providing community health nursing services since 1976. We are experts in training and supporting unlicensed staff in residential and day program settings. Our experienced registered nurses provide care to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and brain injury in over 230 locations throughout Minnesota.

Nursing Consultation Services Minneapolis

HCS offers nursing consultation services to provider organizations with the following license types:

  • Home and Community Based Services (245D Residential and Day Services)
  • Adult Day Services (Rule 223)
  • Children’s Residential Facilities/Shelters
  • Chemical Dependency Licensed Facilities (245G)
  • Assisted Living Licensure
  • Board and Lodge
  • Unlicensed programs serving specific populations

Policies and Procedures

Health Counseling Services provides organizations with the necessary health care policies and procedures to meet the organization’s licensing requirements, as well as outlining the best health care practice standards in the community. Health care forms are included that are easy to use, clear, and concise and give the organization a documentation system that results in an accurate and complete health care record. Each contract comes with a hard copy policy and procedure manual assigned to each site as well as an electronic version of the manual and forms. HCS retains ownership and copyright of the Medication and Health Care Policy and Procedure Manual and will review and revise the policies and procedures throughout the length of the contract.

24-Hour Call Coverage

Nursing consultation contracts with HCS include 24-hour call coverage. An HCS nurse consultant is always available by phone to address the immediate health care needs of the clients and to support direct care staff in their provision of care. Whenever the contracted nurse consultant is unavailable to take a call, direct care staff may call the HCS on-call number and speak with an experienced HCS nurse in order to get health care questions answered quickly and easily.

Contract Management

HCS contract managers assist organizations by providing information regarding regulatory and licensing compliance, providing resources for staff education and development, and problem solving. Easily accessible and current health care information helps to ensure that provider staff have the information necessary to meet the specific health care needs of the people living in community settings. Additionally, HCS contract managers are available to organizations and their contracted nurse to assist in solving the difficult situations that arise in community settings where there are few black and white answers.

Nurse Consultant Support

A quarterly “Lunch & Learn” educational meeting held at our office provides continuing education credits for HCS nurse consultants. HCS keeps nurse consultants informed of regulation changes and updated services with a monthly newsletter. HCS contract managers are available to the nurse consultant to discuss nursing care issues, provide resources, secure information about regulations, or resolve problems. HCS’s support of the nurse consultant helps ensure that each provider organization has a competent, professional nurse, who is afforded the opportunity to make a long-term commitment to the individuals each organization serves.

Additional Services

Health Counseling Services offers discounted fees on selected HCS training courses to all organizations that have a nursing consultation contract. Our training department offers a wide variety of courses designed to meet the health care training needs of direct care staff and supervisors. Additionally, HCS provides LPN supervision services to an organization’s employed LPN(s).

If you are interested in nursing consultation services, contact Ruth Toner at or call us at 612-345-8522 extension 101.

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